The Charcoal Burners are a barnstorming modern folk fusion group playing an intoxicating blend of original songs with fast and furious mixture of new and traditional tunes.  Lead singer David O'Brien has been writing and performing since the early 1980's with his band Prime Suspect, touring with Hazel O'Connor, recorded with Ray Dorset of Mungo Gerry, even replacing Duran Duran on Hazel's last gig of the Breaking Glass tour.  The Charcoal Burners formed in 2016 with Steve Redshaw and Martin Ruinet, two highly talented folk musicians from Sussex and Art Gelling on bass and Cajon.

The Charcoal Burner's set is fast, foot tapping and infectiously catchy with songs such as 'Life of Riley', 'Free 'n Easy', 'The Devil Rides' and 'Working on the Railroad' to moving ballads such as 'Don't Let it Rain' and 'Seagull'.  Steve Redshaw's banjo playing is flawless, writing the band's signature tune 'The Charcoal Burners'.  Martin Ruinet, a multi-instrumentalist-whistle, harmonica, mandolin & mandola provides the humour and Art Gelling on Bass and Cajon, beats rhythm that will have your legs twitching and itching to dance. Together, their voices soaring in four part harmony can make your spine tingle.



Folk & Poetry Festival Beacon Hill 2016

Photographer: Ben Ghibaldan